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Having a brand image is simply how you compete in a market where clients possess a very wide choice of options. Beyond having a great logo, your brand image will provide potential clients with a sense of trust and provide them with a bond to your companies culture and way of doing things.

Simply put; it’s about how your potential candidates perceive and feel about YOU!

Ask yourself a few questions;

1) How do I stand out from the crowd?

2) Why are you so special?

3) What type of impact do you WANT to make?

Culture is a huge part of the Model Match Methodology. A great culture match goes a long way to building a strong relationship with your new team members. It’s equally important that you know how to effectively communicate the type of culture you have when making that initial contact. Step back and take a look at yourself from their eyes.

Once you have found the image you want to project – keep it consistent. Not only will having a strong branding image help you recruit the top producers you’re looking to bring on-board, but will do wonders for generating new customers, inspire employees, building financial value and creating a new level of trust.