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Tasks Reimagined! 

We are very excited to release powerful enhancements that our users have been requesting to help them collaborate with their team right out of Model Match!

Re-Imagined Tasks

You may have noticed some changes to both Call and Meeting task types. To help decrease no-shows, we automatically send a nicely formatted email invitation to both the candidate and yourself containing the most important information about the meeting. Need to include another team member on the meeting? Simply add their email address to the “Send Invite and Candidate Profile to” field. You can add as many team members as needed.

To further increase efficiency by saving time when setting meetings with your candidates, automatic confirmation emails are automatically send to your candidate when your create a new meeting. Experience less no-shows your candidate are automatically reminded.

What’s included in the Candidate Profile?

To help drive team collaboration and streamline your recruiting process we’ve created the “Candidate Profile”. This profile will contain all the most important information you’ve worked hard to collect on a potential candidate, including Production information, contact information and any answers in the Model Matching tool.

Search Power Boost

We’ve enhanced our Search ability to help users locate the candidates they’re looking for by allowing for more information to be used during the search. Search candidates using NMLS ID, Email Address, Phone Number, City or State.

Take a look at the video below to see the new features in action!


If you’d like to speak with our Success Team, click here to schedule a time to chat!