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Elevate your relationships

Build and manage relationships in a central repository. Collaborate with your team and drive deeper, more impactful decisions.

Build pipelines

Organize candidates by area, region or position and share access with your team. Drill into a single pipeline or take a bird’s eye view into your active pipeline.

  • Set reminders, create meetings, add notes and always have access to the most up-to-date contact information.

  • Bridge in team members, share activity and ensure no candidate is left behind.

  • Stay hyper-focused with individual pipelines for candidates that meet your expectations.

Drive team collaboration

Unify your team on projects and missions and reach new milestones with complicated sharing methods or becoming siloed.

  • Simplify handoffs to hiring authorities and managers.

  • Communicate with your team via notes on high priority candidates and shine a light on important items.

  • Work together as a team as you accomplish your goals and reach new milestones with passive candidates.

Take an analytical view

Take a deep dive into activities and forecast success from Prospect to Hire.

  • Clearly analyze performance and track events, activities and status

  • Share reports high level reports with leadership

  • Forecast success and calculate ROI

Your data. Your way.

We’ve made it easy to import your existing data into Model Match from virtually any CRM. Bridge the gap between your tools.

Super Easy to Use

Import your data from a spreadsheet with our easy-to-use data import template.

Great Compatibility

Import contacts from virtually any CRM that allows to export your data. Have your entire pipeline in Model Match in minutes!

Reliable Repository

Create a central repository of all of your contacts and effectively manage your pipeline. Share with Team Members to maximize effectiveness.

See how Model Match helps our partners manage their growing pipeline and optimize producer engagement.