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It’s hard to believe that 2018 is coming to close! As we close the door on 2018, we are excited to open a new door and start a new chapter here at Model Match.

To celebrate all of the success’s ourselves and our partners have had over the last 12 months would fill a novel, but before we bring in the new year, we wanted to take a few moments to celebrate some of this year’s highlights

Collaboration is key

In 2018, we took a close look at how many of you are collaborating with members of your team. 

We had a plethora of wonderful, in-depth conversations with many of you who shared their thoughts on how we could make their job easier, and how we could bring a new level of collaboration to Model Match. And so..we launched MOVE

Many times, recruiting a top producer, or working with a group hire is a team effort. It takes multiple individuals to oil the gears and start the engine. Move allows you to transfer candidates from your dashboard to another team member, pushing all of the most important information you’ve collected plus, production information, notes, and core component answers with the click of a button.

Here’s a quick video of how Move works: 

Tasks get a boost!

Follow-up, Follow-Up, Follow-Up..it’s the name of the game. While our Task engine did a wonderful job, we felt (and you did too) that it could use a boost. Our Product team was tasked with re-imagining how Call and Meeting Task types integrate with your workflows. With collaboration in mind, we deployed automatic calendar integration on both Call Tasks and Meeting Tasks. 

Decreasing no-shows and having candidate information at your fingertips is the result. Providing you with the information you need when you need it most.

See how our new task engine allows for greater visibility and greater collaboration:

Market Expansion

In 2018, we took a closer look at areas of the country where we could open or increase our collection efforts. We were pleased to announce that Model Match was able to open markets in the New England region, bringing our total market footprint to well over 1000 markets. 

Our partners now have access to opportunities in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Maine. 

A Big Thank You!

We want to give a huge shout-out to all of our partners who’ve made this year a memorable one. Without all of you, Model Match wouldn’t have been able to make great strides forward this year. 

From everyone at Model Match – thank you for sharing 2018 with us. We’re looking forward to what 2019 brings and are looking forward to connecting with many more of you! May we grow forward!