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A new way to acquire mortgage talent

Gain the ability to track and manage your growing pipeline, and use data and metrics to make every action meaningful and impactful.

Solutions designed to scale

Drive Efficiency

The core foundation of the Model Match Suite, the Talent Management System provides teams a complete solution to track and manage their growing pipelines. The perfect solution for teams of all sizes.


Seize Every Opportunity

Locate originators in over 1000 markets, nationwide. Match prospects on volume requirements, product mix, and more. Build a healthy pipeline of candidates that meet the needs of your organization.


Level Up

A partnership unlike any before it. Receive unprecedented visibility into the activity of our seasoned recruiters. Allow our team to prospect, engage and attract high quality producers that meet the needs of your organization. Meet your new team.

Talent Management System

Drive efficiency

Our Talent Management Software (TMS) allows your team to quickly and efficiently track and manage your growing pipeline. From Prospect to Hire, the Model Match TMS provides your team with a powerful solution for ensuring no candidate falls through the cracks and your organization stays top of mind.

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Market Insights

Seize the opportunity

Market Insights allows you and your team to build a healthy pipeline of candidates that are matched to your organization. Source prospects nationwide in over 1,100 markets. View yearly origination volume, product mix breakdowns, unit counts, average loan amounts and more. Ensure your focus is where it needs to be. 

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Market Insights
Team Hammerhouse

True partnership

Team Hammerhouse provides a full service, full cycle recruiting partnership. Our team of seasoned recruiters and success managers will help solve the challenges of identifying, attracting, hiring and retaining top quality candidates. Deploy Team Hammerhouse in your market and obtain unprecedented visibility into the action of your new team.

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See how the Model Match Suite can help you achieve a positive ROI